The Power to Save your Marriage

Divorce rates are on the increase again, and research shows that every year the number of divorces in South Africa grows dramatically. In some cases there is no alternative but to bring the marriage to a close by means of a divorce agreement. In situations where there is repeated infidelity, domestic abuse, physical and verbal,  or psychological illness, the best thing that can be recommended for the couple is to consider getting a divorce. In many cases though, it may just be the common scenario where a husband and wife have slowly grown apart, spending little time together because of the demands of modern life.

marriage counselling

Far too often couples do not put enough effort into saving their marriage and give marriage counselling a chance. More than fifty percent of couples that found themselves on the brink of divorce have managed to turn their failed marriages around by consulting with a professional couples therapist. Karen Rootenberg is a sensitive and caring marriage counsellor based in Wynberg, Cape Town. Karen has more than twenty years experience in counselling couples and individuals, helping them grow and work through difficult circumstances and times in their lives and relationships. The power to truly connect with, and guide couples through obstacles in their relationships or marriage is a rare gift. Karen uses a variety of modalities in her work and may on some occasions focus dealing with unresolved issues of the patient’s “inner child”. Her insights into a person’s behavior and motivations can be uncanny at times and not always comfortable. It is this rare ability that make her so adept at dealing with couples that find themselves no longer able to communicate meaningfully themselves. Some may find her methods eclectic and even unorthodox at times but Karen is extremely skilled in dealing with couples and capable of delivering results. Her authentic, deep interest in helping and serving people puts Karen ahead of a great deal of other couples counsellors who do not share her natural passion for helping people.

Karen Rootenberg counsellor

Apart from counselling couples and individuals, Karen also runs several fantastic personal growth workshops including the popular Art of Being and Karma Workshops. The Art of Being is a seven month self discovery workshop that will change the way you live your life forever. The workshop guides you through a period of inner searching and spiritual growth that often uncovers deep seated ways of thinking that are harmful to us.

So maybe the electricity in your relationship has waned, the power liess in you to solve it. All too often couples throw in the towel before trying to save their marriages or relationships when in fact all they need is some gentle guidance and perspective. Divorce is not something that should be initiated without first trying to resolve issues with marriage counselling.