Time to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Solar power has been in existence for a long time. It is rapidly becoming a very effective and efficient way of saving power and using free energy instead. Solar energy is a type of energy that is derived directly from the sun. For those who didn’t know, the sun doesn’t only give us sunlight but it also gives us renewable and natural energy.
As great as this may sound, there are still people who prefer using other means of generating electricity and energy. Solar power is the only available source of energy that saves us money and reduces carbon footprint. Go Green Guys are an innovative South African business that provides solar pool heating Cape Town which goes a long way towards saving on the electricity usage.
The first thing we need to discuss before anything else is the definition of carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the whole quantity of conservatory gases created to unswervingly and circuitously maintain human undertakings and is typically articulated in equal masses of carbon dioxide (CO2).
•    Installing solar panels: Aside from this option saving you tons of money, it also reduces carbon footprint. Getting free energy from the sun saves you a lot of electrical bills and it is a pretty reliable source of energy.
•    Buy from companies that support low-carbon usage: Companies that are still using more ways of producing carbon footprint aren’t doing anything to conserve the environment just yet. Instead, opt for companies that see the bigger picture- being a 100% renewable energy enterprise.
•    Appliances: Solar power decreases the energy appliances around your house consume.
•    Solar power is good for the planet: Our environment is deteriorating every second of the day and something needs to be done about it. Solar energy couldn’t have come at a perfect time. Although solar energy has been around and people have been using solar power for as long as we can remember, there couldn’t have been a better time for us to use this free and renewable energy.
•    Lighting: Turn off your lights around the office or home if they are not being utilized. Lighting uses a lot of carbon footprint. Only switch the lights when you are using them. Using the sun as means of light is also another way of reducing carbon footprint.
•    Water usage: Saving water is one of the never ending gospels we still preach till this very day. Saving water and coming up with water saving tips also reduces the use of carbon footprint. Installing a solar geyser is the best way of reducing carbon footprint. The heat on the geyser would be made warm by the sun and not by any form of electricity. Another way of saving water if you are a swimming pool owner is by investing in one of the Cape Town pool covers available from local suppliers.
•    Use the sun to make your plants grow: Instead of watering your plants with water from the house, use the sun instead. The plants engross the sun’s warmth and cool the air by means of transpiration.
•    Use solar appliances for your home: Appliances such as solar heaters and solar geysers can reduce carbon footprint. This is because the energy that is consumed by these solar products comes directly from the sun.

Our environment should be protected at all times. The conservation of the environment is not only for us as residents but for our future generations. Carbon footprint is slowly killing our surroundings and if we don’t change our ways, our environment will be in complete shambles.
Solar power is slowing changing every mindset of a person who wants to change their environment for the better. Solar energy is becoming one of the best ways of saving and reducing costs around the house and around the universe! Together we can all do more to reduce carbon footprints by choosing solar power to fight the carbon dioxide battle for us.