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Hydropower AfricaThe 2006 Hydropower Conference set out to reach certain objectives :

  1. Create an understanding at political level of:
    • The potential of hydropower to contribute to the objectives of NEPAD;
    • The attributes of hydropower compared to other sources of energy in terms of positive and negative impacts relating to environmental, social and economic aspects;
    • The impacts of water use for hydropower on other water uses and how hydropower water use can be integrated in other water systems;
    • How much hydropower resources have already been developed in Africa and what potential remains for further development;
    • Case studies of successes and failures of small, medium and large hydropower projects;
    • The financial, human and technical resources that are needed to further develop hydropower in Africa;
    • Options for institutional arrangements for hydropower development in a regional context;
  2. Improve cooperation and coordination between Ministers of Energy, Ministers of Water and Ministers of Development Planning in Africa.
  3. Develop a conference declaration on hydropower as a major source of renewable energy for the sustainable development of Africa.
  4. Set targets to implement the decisions of this Ministerial Conference.
  5. Explore the possibility of an entity to carry forward the outcomes of the Conference.

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